About us

ACS® is a software development company, devoted to the production of high quality, bleeding edge, multilingual business applications, based on published international standards and accepted guide lines.

All our applications are designed to focus on the achievement of application integration and are based on an industry standard, service oriented approach, focused on defining a set of loosely coupled business components, each addressing a major subject area and offering a range of services that can be orchestrated to enable and support the wide range of business processes, through our middleware and integration platform.

Due to the design nature of ACS® applications, intended to cover a broad range of customer types, from the small standalone level to enterprise and national levels. These applications are all deployable on the cloud, and runs on a variety of platforms including mobiles and tabs.

Building Software for the new millennium.


Enterprise Health Information System

Process Perfrect ERP

For Manufacturing

For Retail

For Distribution

Process Perfect FOr HealthCare

Specialy developed ERP for health information platform


Health Enterprise Systems

Health Integration

Process Managment


Health Exchange Platform



Partners & Technologies

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